About the Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra swamy,who is fierce looking Diety with three eyes and ten hands.This temple is believed to be constructed by the famous ruler 'Bheema Raju' of Vengi Chalukya Dynasty and renovated by the Kakatiya ruler 'Betharaju-I. The reference of this temple has also made by the famous traveller 'Marko-Poli' as it stood as the capital of Vengi Chalukya Dynasty. The presiding diety is Lord Veerabhadra swamy is fierce looking Diety with three eyes and ten hands. The annual jathra Brahmotsavams will be celebrated during the mahasivarathri Festival.

About Sri Veera Bhadra Swamy

The Eldest son of Lord Shiva is Shri Shri Shri Veerabhadra swamy... His brothers are kala Bhairavar, Ganapathy, Karthikeyan and Swami Iyappan... The ultimate destroyer of ego... Agni Veerabhadrar Agora Veerabhadrar Sadma Veerabhadrar Kubera Veerabhadrar... Total 21 avathar... The Total beauty of deity Sri Sri Sri Veerabhdra swamy... unimaginable... he will be satisfied with water and vilva bhadram leaves... Please do perform Pooja during Ashtami thithi is very very important... your positive demands will be fulfilled... let everyone blessed with lord veerabhadreshwar blessings... please chant always !! OM SRI BHADRAKALI SAMETHA SRI VEERABHADRAIAH NAMAH !! ... subham...